Workshop “Zeolites in Agriculture, for soil fertility and plant health and nutrition” – San Miniato, 27 February 2019

On February 27, 2019 in San Miniato at CMM – Cosimo Maria Masini Agricultural Company – took place the Workshop “Zeolites in Agriculture, for soil fertility, and plant health and nutrition”

Representatives of the ZeoWine Project participated in the event with a planned intervention. within the first session “Zeolites and soil fertility”

Giovanni Mattii of the University of Florence – DIAGRI – addressed the issue of soil fertility, in relation to the vineyard management and vine nutrition.

Graziana Masciandaro and Serena Doni of the CNR-IRET explained the technical characteristics that led to the development of the ZeoWine Project itself and a guided survey was carried out in the area of the composting plots, to make the experience of the project closer to the audience of participants.

On this occasion it was also possible to consolidate a collaboration of the ZeoWine project’s working group with trepresentatives of the LIFE Vitisom Project, thanks to which it will be possible to use the prototype of precision compost-dispenser tractor – designed and built as part of their project – during the process of spreading the Zeowine product on experimental plots.

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