Soil protection and the use of zeolites in viticulture – Open Lesson – 27 March 2019

French Students at CNR

On 27/03/2019 reserchers of CNR-IRET of Pisa carried out a lesson dealing with the theme of “Soil protection and the use of zeolites in viticulture”
to a group of French students visiting CNR.

The life ZeoWine Project was widely presented and information material distributed 

Workshop “Zeolites in Agriculture, for soil fertility and plant health and nutrition” – San Miniato, 27 February 2019

On February 27, 2019 in San Miniato at CMM – Cosimo Maria Masini Agricultural Company – took place the Workshop “Zeolites in Agriculture, for soil fertility, and plant health and nutrition”

Representatives of the ZeoWine Project participated in the event with a planned intervention. within the first session “Zeolites and soil fertility”

Giovanni Mattii of the University of Florence – DIAGRI – addressed the issue of soil fertility, in relation to the vineyard management and vine nutrition.

Graziana Masciandaro and Serena Doni of the CNR-IRET explained the technical characteristics that led to the development of the ZeoWine Project itself and a guided survey was carried out in the area of the composting plots, to make the experience of the project closer to the audience of participants.

On this occasion it was also possible to consolidate a collaboration of the ZeoWine project’s working group with trepresentatives of the LIFE Vitisom Project, thanks to which it will be possible to use the prototype of precision compost-dispenser tractor – designed and built as part of their project – during the process of spreading the Zeowine product on experimental plots.

Life Green Grapes Project Workshop – 13 February 2019

On February 13, 2019, DN360 technical staff participated in workshop organized within the LIFEGreen Grapes Project, a project that aims to develop protocols based on techniques for the management of vineyards and vine nurseries using resistance inducers and biocontrol agents able to reduce the contribution of chemical inputs from the nursery to the vineyard, preserving and increasing soil biodiversity and improving the quality of final productions.

The participation of representatives of the LIFE ZeoWine Project in the workshop was an opportunity for strenghtening networking actions with another LIFE project that involves the same productive chain, and, in particular, to feed the discussion on aspects related to biodiversity associated with vineyard and the impact of the trials envisaged by the two projects on this aspect.


Davide Manzi of DN360 participates in the dissemination event of the Project AGER 2 “BIOVALE: BIOrefinery: VALore added of the Wine byproducts” (Grant No. 2017-2206) funded by AGER – AGricoltura E Ricerca, and organized by the University of Rome Tor Vergata in collaboration with the Association Donne della Vite

Several points in common with the LIFE ZeoWine Project, in particular in reference to:

  • Circular economy and sustainable development
  • Exploitation of waste from the agri-food industry, and in particular the wine supply chain
  • Technological and process innovation

In the discussion section on the topics presented, participants and researchers shared contributions and good practices and discussed the potential, criticalities and requirements related to the management and enhancement of supply chain waste and the introduction of innovations presented.

Networking with Life VITISOM Project


In order to strenghten  networking activities with other Life projects related to coherent issues addressed by the ZEOWINE Project, on 18th December 2018, some representatives of the consortium took part in the Life VITISOM Project Dissenation Event entitled “Innovation in biodiversity: the study of soils for the growth of a sustainable viticulture” carried out at the Conti degli Azzoni’s conference room in Montefano (MC)

Grazia Masciandaro and Serena Doni of CNR-IRET participated in the presentation session with specific speeches on the project.

Download the presentation

Life ZEOWINE Kick Off Meeting – Pisa, 6 December 2018

On 6 December 2018, the Kick-off Meeting of the LIFE ZeoWine Project was held at the CNR-IRET – Institute of Research on Earth Ecosystems – in Pisa.

They introduced the event with institutional greetings: Carlo Calfapietra – Director IRET- CNR; Roberto Pini – Head of IRET – CNR Headquarters of Pisa and Filippo Bedini of the Councilor for Environmental Policy of the Municipality of Pisa.

The project was presented by Grazia Masciandaro of the CNR-IRET- Project Coordinator- with an in-depth look at: the challenges, objectives and expected results.

The interventions were followed by

curated by
Francesco de Filippis of CMM – Holding of Poggio S.S. Agricultural Society that illustrated the aspects related to "The management of supply chain waste in a sustainability perspective and as a contribution to the circular economy in viticulture" and "The protocol of composting: procedures for processing supply chain waste and conditions for managing and maintaining compost"

Davide Manzi of DN360 explained the "Innovative fertilization systems in viticulture" proposed by the project and the ZEOWINEGiovan
Battista Mattii project of the University of Florence's DISPAA has delved into the aspects of the "Impact of the management of the biodiversity and the quality of grapes and wine"

Monica Pierucci and Sara Ricci P.Ri.Ma. Forma explained to the audience "The contribution to environmental policies and the expected impacts of the ZEOWINE Project under the LIFE Programme"

The event ended with a moment of open discussion with beneficiaries and stakeholders present in the room, with speeches by representatives of companies in the sector

Download Kick-off Presentations

Scientific Conference – Bucharest 14-16/11/2018

The CNR ISE in Pisa on 14 – 16 November 2018, took part in the International Scientific Conference organized by the BIOTERRA University in Bucharest on the topic:

"Policies and Strategies on Biodiversity and Environmental Protection with an impact on the quality of the vine."

The LIFE ZEOWINE Project was presented by Graziana Masciandaro in the afternoon session of scientific contributions on the subject, and the paper was published in the University Scientific Bulletin

Programme of scientific interventions




On 6 and 7 November 2018, the LIFE Zeowine Project took part in the Kick Off Meeting event of Life Projects funded within the call 2017and organized by EASME.

The project was presented in the SOIL panel, at the presence of representatives of the European Commission, the EASME agency and representatives of other projects dealing with the same thematic priority .

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Pisa, 6 December 2018

Introducing the LIFE ZEOWINE project

ZEOWINE meets Ferrara Bio company

On 10 October 2018, CNR IRET met with Ferrara Bio for the exchange of good practices, in particular the company presented their own project concerning the use of nitrogen-enriched zeolite sourelis touts for the preparation of a fertilizer and the CNR researchers presented the LIFE ZEOWINE Project, the expected environmental results and impacts on the specific wine supply chain, and the elements in common. In particular, a discussion was initiated on the procedures for the inclusion of a new product in the fertilizer list, and discussions were on possible future synergies and collaborations.

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