Ii Seminar Project F.The.And.L.D. "Protection of soil fertility" – 26/11/2019

On November 26, 2019, as part of a cycle of training interventions provided for by the FIELD Project – funded under the Regional RDP of Tuscany and coordinated by the C Analysis Center.A.The.M. S.r.l. of Follonica -, Graziana Masciandaro presented the activities of the LIFE Zeowine Project to 30 workers in the agricultural, agri-food and forestry, terrestrial sectors, managers and, in particular: agricultural entrepreneurs; owners of agri-food companies; directors and employees, also with managerial functions, of land management bodies, represented by municipalities, unions of municipalities, park bodies and public bodies that manage the sites of the Natura 2000 Network.

The aim of the project is to carry out innovation transfer interventions with the aim of strengthening the knowledge system and the transfer of innovation through information actions, aimed at those working in the agricultural, agri-food and forestry sectors, land managers operating in rural areas. The project aims to support the provision of information interventions aimed at carrying out dissemination activities of information relevant to agricultural, agri-food and forestry activities.

The intervention of Dr. Grazia Masciandaro – CNR-IRET Researcher of Pisa and coordinator of the LIFE ZEOWINE Project -, deepened the theme of "Protection of soil fertility and prevention of hydrogeological failure" with particular focus on "Soil management for the protection of fertility and the conservation of organic substance, containment of erosion".

Among the case studies were presented the activities and results of the LIFE ZEOWINE Project which has created a new soil improver to increase soil fertility in the wine sector. This fertilizer has been obtained by combining the properties of zeolite, whose use in the recovery of contaminated and degraded soils and environments has excellent potential in many sectors as well as in agriculture, with the stable organic substance of a compost obtained on a company scale from the reuse of waste processing grapes, pomace and shavings. The expected results of the application of this product to protected land are related to the overall improvement of soil quality in terms of essentially organic content, biodiversity, improvement of water and structural conditions, reduction of bioavailable copper content and total impact of greenhouse gas emissions, but also to increase the quality of the grapes and the state of physiological balance of the vines.

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